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Cootealicious Wholesale

At Cootealicious we are happy to say we are able to supply Our Tray Bakes and Fudge wholesale  for a wide variety of outlets and purposes. We have supplied a variety of ongoing customers over the last few years, including local delicatessens,cafes, farm shops and restaurants/caterers. We have worked with a range of clients all happy with the quality of our products and with ongoing orders and positive feedback.

Why Cootealicious?

Over the last 24 months we have seen massive growth in sales and have had such amazing feedback from our customers, many asking where locally they could buy our product range! Our customers like to see and taste real homemade fudge with absolutely ‘NO’ preservatives or stabilisers, reminding them exactly how fudge should taste!

We offer delicious real homemade fudge in a range of equally delicious flavours along side our new range of Tray bakes such as homemade Brownies and FudgeJacks (our take on the traditional Flapjack to complement our product range even further! These make great dessert options in cafes, resturants and more. With an ever growing range we are sure there is something for every business. 

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